Steel plate radiator
Piping system
Manual heating valve
Temperature control system
RENPUR temperature control system

Independent room temperature control to bring the most comfortable heating

The innovative thermostat is easy to use and can create a comfortable and livable temperature environment for you. It is equipped with a variety of practical functions that can easily achieve temperature adjustment and flexible selection of multiple control modes.

Advantage :
■ One-key operation is simple and easy to use, and the screen display is simple and easy to learn|
■ Accurate room temperature measurement, control the temperature to 0.1℃
■ Freely set daily schedule to ensure comfort and energy saving
■ Simple design, compact size, suitable for a variety of decoration styles
■ Synchronize the status of the wall-hung boiler, fully grasp the water temperature and faults
■ Equipped with wireless receiver, get rid of the shackles, remote control