Steel plate radiator
Piping system
Manual heating valve
Temperature control system
Steel plate radiator

German quality
RENPUR steel plate radiator is committed to providing you with energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient, heating solutions.
Highest quality of DIN EN 10130 DC 01 European high-quality cold-rolled steel strips
Modernly designed 33.3 mm pitch water channel
Convection device has large surface area and maximum thermal power

Safe and reliable
The basis of high-quality radiators is high-quality raw materials RENPUR selects the best low-carbon cold-rolled steel strips in Europe.

Health and Environmental Protection
Basic cleaning procedures such as grease removal and phosphating treatment adopt the latest environmentally friendly nano-coating, epoxy polyester electrostatic powder spraying, and finally form a multi-layer paint surface with an impact-resistant smooth surface.
Antibacterial and antiseptic
German process standards maximize the anti-corrosion performance of the radiator.
Innovative craft
The second-generation KTL electrophoretic primer process allows the water-based wet paint to evenly cover all parts of the radiator to ensure the strength of the finished paint.
Modern design 
The German waterway solder joint technology ensures that the waterway solder joints are even, so that the panel of the product can be seen very smoothly under all light angles.
●Before leaving the factory, each radiator must be individually tested
●Test pressure is 13 bar
●Maximum working pressure is 10 bar
●Maximum working temperature is 110℃
●Passed CE, TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GOST-R, UKR SEPRO certification
●The radiator adopts bubble packaging and shrink packaging to achieve maximum durability during transportation and storage until the installation is completed. The type and size are clearly marked on the packaging.
●Wide assembly kit, including blind plug, purge plug, pin, screw and clip as standard configuration.
●4 x internal thread G½” 

For the selection of the radiator, the model and size of the radiator should be determined based on the principle that the calculated heat load of the room is equal to the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator, and the thermal comfort of the room and the aesthetic coordination of the room should be considered.

The most advanced fully automatic production line in Europe

Comply with European EN442 standard

Nanotechnology full coverage, super corrosion-resistant

Single chip withstand pressure 13bar