RENPUR GmbH’s headquarter located in Frankfurt (Oder), near the German capital Berlin. As one of the leading manufacturers of heating systems in Europe, RENPUR continues to innovate production processes and product research and development and has now become one of the European manufacturers with the highest standards of fully automatic machinery and equipment in the industry.

RENPUR steel plate radiator products strictly follow EN442 European industry standard from design concept to raw material selection, production process to product packaging. It has obtained multiple certifications including ISO 9001 quality management certification, ISO 14001 environmental system certification, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standards, etc., ensuring that all products are manufactured in accordance with the industry's highest standards and excellent quality assurance.

RENPUR focuses on the research and development and production of end heating systems. The group's products cover various types of pipes, manifolds, and controllers, providing users with professional heating installation solutions.

RENPUR gained lots of experiences and build good reputation in the process of serving the German local market and exporting to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and other countries, which allows RENPUR to present the highest quality of products with confidence.