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PE-RTⅡ pipeline

Provide users with professional floor heating solutions

■ Good thermal stability and long-term pressure resistance.
■ Great flexibility, making it convenient and economical when laying.
■ Excellent low-temperature resistance, so it can be constructed even at low temperatures in winter, and the pipeline does not need to be preheated when it is bent.
■ Easy to install and maintain, more convenient, faster and safer.
■ Good heat dissipation performance, with a thermal conductivity of 0.4wt/mk. It can save a lot of energy in heating applications.
■ All performance advantages of the heating pipe of the floor radiant heating project, the project installation cost, the maintenance cost is low, and the cost performance is high.It is the preferred choice for radiant floor heating.

Comfortable and energy-saving         Safe and reliable         Even heat dissipation         Heat Preservation

PE-RTpipeline parameters