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Advantages of floor heating in independent heating systems
2021/6/4 11:47:03

Users of independent household heating systems can develop and utilize indoor gas energy, so that in addition to providing catering functions, it can also provide winter heating and domestic hot water, and can completely independently control heating time and indoor temperature to avoid unnecessary energy. waste.

Floor heating is most sought after by the market due to its energy saving, environmental protection, health, and comfort characteristics. Due to the low density of hot air, the floor radiation heating system distributes heat evenly from bottom to top, and the small vertical temperature gradient meets the requirements of human comfort, but not traditional The air conditioner's hot top and bottom cold and blowing sensation make the cold and humid Jiangnan area warm in winter like spring. The system can also set the temperature in advance, and timely and accurately control the indoor temperature as needed.

The most important indicators of an independent heating system are temperature and air consumption, and the temperature control system for floor heating just fulfills the energy-saving requirements of wall-hung boilers. The first is the low-temperature radiation heat dissipation method of floor heating, and the required water temperature is low. This is the primary condition for floor heating and energy saving. The second is the temperature control function of floor heating. Temperature control technology refers to indoor temperature and constant temperature regulation and control. This measure can balance The temperature can solve the imbalance, you can use the free heat to save money, and you can also adjust the temperature as needed. The thermostat senses the indoor temperature, and when the indoor temperature is lower or higher than the set temperature, it will give an electrical signal, and the electric actuator will perform an automatic adjustment function to achieve the automatic temperature adjustment function to achieve the indoor set temperature. In addition to the automatic temperature control, the floor heating can also realize the function of layered and divided room temperature control. If you frequently travel or have many rooms that are often unoccupied, the room temperature can be set to the lowest protection temperature when unoccupied. Adjust the temperature to the ideal temperature, so that the boiler can be more energy-saving. The floor heating temperature control system can also achieve a weekly programming function, which can set different indoor temperatures at different times according to the work and rest time of the week, so as to maximize the energy saving of the floor heating system.

From the perspective of home furnishings, people now attach great importance to the use of indoor space under high housing prices. The floor heating pipes are hidden on the ground, which will not affect the overall home decoration style and furniture layout, making home decoration more convenient.

In terms of service life, floor heating has a long service life and is not affected by various factors such as temperature. It has good stability and is not easy to corrode or send water leakage.

It is precisely because of the automatic temperature control function that the floor heating system has the energy-saving function. The temperature control center can not only ensure sufficient water flow in the system, ensure the uniformity of ground heat dissipation and prevent uneven cooling and heating. At the same time, the boiler can always be operated in the best working condition, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.